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Dameronia Legacy All Stars / Live at Ingolstadt (2022) CD

Jim Rotondi - tp / Dick Oatts - as / Jon Boutellier - ts / Johannes Herrlich - trb / Rik van den Bergh - bars / Andrea Pozza - pi / Aldo Zunino - bs / Bernd Reiter - drs

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Rik is an accomplished baritone player, and sounds great on the album. The recording quality and mix etc are all very well done. The tunes are all great – they sound and feel like classic hardbop jazz, though they are all fairly obscure songs that only a more-than-casual jazz listener is likely to have heard. /

It is clear that this production not only deserves praise for the quality of the performances, but also for the well-considered choice of repertoire. 'Is That So?' can, also because of its beautiful cover, get a place among the classics of Blue Note from the sixties. / Cyriel Pluimakers, Jazzenzo

Rik van den Bergh / Is That So? (2021) LP

Tribute to Duke Pearson

Rik van den Bergh - bars / Timothy Banchet - pi / Steven Zwanink (bs) / Sander Smeets (drs)

​ZenneZ Records ZR2102005


To purchase this record (vinyl or as a digital download), please visit ZenneZ Records


Rik van den Bergh Bart van Lier
Rik van den Bergh - Bart van Lier 5tet / High Slide Low Blow (2013) CD

Bart van Lier - trb & bass trp / Rik van den Bergh - bars

Edgar van Asselt - pi / Marius Beets - bs / Eric Ineke - drs 

​Maxanter Records 75990




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Rik van d
Rik van den Bergh / Reserge (2007) CD

Tribute to the great baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff


​Rik van den Bergh - bars / Marco Kegel, Jan Smit - as / Simon Rigter, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen - ts

Erik Doelman - pi / Frans van Geest - bs / Gijs Dijkhuizen - drs

Maxanter Records 75373




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Swingmatism / Live Update (2001) CD


Rik van den Bergh - bars / Raymond Nijenhuis - guit / Arno Krijger - org / Erik Kooger - drs

​Arecords AL73232



Rik van den Bergh / Swingmatism (1999)


Rik van den Bergh - as / Raymond Nijenhuis - guit / René Rooimans - org / Erik Kooger - drs

Miscellaneous Music MR5030
Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orch.  / The Flying Dutchman (2019)

Cool Dawn / Baritone Summit (2014)


​Mark de Clive-Lowe & Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra / Take The Space Train (2013)

TruThoughts TRUCD267

Sunset Swing / Sunset Swing (2010)

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Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra / Suit To A T (2009)


Young Sinatras / This Day (2008)

Coast To Coast CT2990504

Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra / Introducing RJO (2005)



Frits Landesbergen's Baileo Big Band / Jumbo Swing Night (2003) (DVD)

Baileo Music Prod. / with Madeline Bell, Joke Bruys, Laura Fygi

The Graduates Of Swing / Live At Sociëteit De Witte (2002)

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Bijkerk's Band / Portraits Of Portugal (2002)

Home Made Cake 003

1999 Kobe Jazz Street / Live From Jazz Night Special (1999)


Bijkerk's Band / Jazz Suite Foar Fryslân (1999)

Home Made Cake 002

Big Band Koninklijk Conservatorium (1999)


The New Thundering Swingmates / Good Enough To Keep (1996)

Jazz Behind The Dikes 9618

Intercity Stompers / Boogie In THe Barnyard (1994)


Casey's Big Band / Sunday Sessions (1993)

Miragram 880





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